Case Study

   The Client

Every day, millions of Americans connect on the go — to talk, text, play, learn or share via voice, video, photos, the web and mobile apps. As a leading provider of wireless infrastructure, this client ensures continuously clear connections through its expanding network of towers across the US and beyond.

   The Situation

Before the opening of the very first Apple iTunes store, our client anticipated the explosion in demand for wireless connectivity and began a significant capacity expansion. With a merger in 2007 adding several thousand wireless towers to its asset base, this industry leader wanted to move rapidly to evaluate, and where necessary, retrofit the new towers to match its established standards. Getting the towers operational as quickly as possible required an influx of experienced technical and support staff and the addition of as its staffing partner to help secure the experienced professionals needed to ensure a successful technical integration.

   The Solution

Timing was a critical factor in getting the technology up to our client’s standards, as the acquired towers were older and without data support. A streamlined post-merger integration required getting qualified staff in place quickly and efficiently. 

   The Results delivered the right people in the right places to successfully integrate the newly acquired towers in only one month. The combination of responsiveness, speed and precision matching of client need to candidate capabilities established a partnership that strengthened through multiple client acquisitions in the years that followed. In fact, between 2012 and 2013, this client acquired an additional 16,000 towers. Each time, delivered. Within the first 90 days of the 2012 acquisition, had placed 50 people in critical roles. In 2013, we placed an additional 40 people to complete the work. currently has nearly 200 people supporting this client in a variety of contract roles. 

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